AI Food Scanner digitalizing all kinds of food

Food type & amount

recognition system with AI

Nuvilabs AI can measure the type and amount of food in just 1 second. 

It can detect various types of food at the same time and measure 

the amount of food without a scale.

NUVI SCAN can be used in various places since it is easy to install. 

It is a technology applicable to all places where food is consumed,

including restaurants, school cafeteria, home and hospitals.

We create special value 

by measuring 

the amount of leftover

We can encourage users not to leave leftovers by giving feedback on eating habits. Just by being informed the personal eating habits, users can reduce the leftover by 50 percent. The restaurant managers can get the food preference data, optimize menu composition, develop new menu, and analyze consumption trend through analysis of intake and leftover amounts.

Process of 

Analyzing Big Data

Let's Scan & Save!

We lead innovation of the world through technology that is 

helpful for both human and the environment.


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