We provide personalized healthcare service by analyzing individual eating habits. 

We offer objective and reliable reports of calorie consumption, nutrition balance, and food preferences.

Solution Process


Fast and accurate measurement


We quickly and accurately measure individual consumption of 

each food category by Nuvilab's AI which is optimized to detect food.


Objective diet diagnosis based on data


We objectify eating habits of individuals such as calories, nutrition balance, and food preferences.


Healthcare solution


We provide the best solution such as a guide for your nutrition balance, allergic food alarm, and recommended calorie consumption.


Clear and convenient meal information


We share clear information of meal such as actual calories, 

nutrient and allergy warnings.


Service linkage through Big Data


Data of eating habits can be used to customize dietary supplements, and utilize as secondary references to medicinal diagnosis.

What you can earn

1. Data-based nutrition management and diagnosis

2. Analysis of individual eating habits

3. Personalized healthcare solution

4. Linkage effect with other healthcare industries

5. Promotional effect

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We lead innovation of the world through technology that is 

helpful for both human and the environment.


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