We improve the quality of food and optimize the ordering system by analyzing data of actual servings, consumption and leftovers. We accurately predict the total consumption to minimize the leftovers. In addition, we establish a compensation system to induce users not to leave food.

Solution Process


Food scan technology


The AI of Nuvilab accurately predicts the kind of dish and 

amount of food.


Statistic analysis based on Big Data


We can analyze the preferences per each food category and actual servings based on the data of consumption and leftovers.


Optimization of system


We recommend the best menu composition by analyzing food preferences. Also, we reduce food waste to the minimum by predicting consumption.


Compensation environment system


We establish various compensation systems like giving points to the users who didn't leave food to induce constant and active behavior.

What you can earn

1. Data-based food waste management

2. Streamlining management

3. Improved quality and satisfaction of meal

4. Analysis of food preference

5. Promotional effect

Let's Scan & Save!

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